Flow Sign - Photo by Jussi Hellsten

Photo by Jussi Hellsten

From the 26th to the 28th of June, the historic Tobačna complex in Ljubljana, Slovenia will be taken over by Helsinki’s own Flow Festival for the first time. Born in the Finnish capital, Flow Festival now aims to expand internationally, making its first stop in Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. We already mentioned it on our recent list of recommendable European festivals but we’ve going a bit more into detail this time.

Tobačna has played an important role in Slovenia’s history. The factory once employed a large percentage of Ljubljana’s residents, many of them women, in addition to developing a progressive platform for its workers, which provided a staff library, kindergarten and various activities for the community, like a choir.

Flow Festival - Ljubljana - City

In the spirit of progress, Tobačna continues breath life into the local community, and has become one of Ljubljana’s most dynamic creative centers. Locals and foreigners can explore the co-working community at the Poligon Creative Center that often hosts events focusing on the creative sector and social entrepreneurship, which are almost always free to the public. On Monday nights there is live Jazz night at ZOO, and the chance to learn the history of Tobačna at the Tobacco Museum. As Flow Festival Ljubljana aims to explore ways in which to combine the world of art, music and design they couldn’t have chosen a better location.

With a host of big names like PET SHOP BOYS, METRONOMY, JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ and CARIBOU, the Flow lineup also includes a number of local and regional acts, like Serbian hip-hop group BAD COPY, and Slovenia’s own, VULKA. You can find the full line-up right here. It’s a very well-balanced mixtur and since we had a joyful time at last year’s Helsinki version we’re confident that the Easter European debut of the Flow Festival Ljubljana will be a successful one.

As the weather gets warmer Ljubljana has transformed from a winter wonderland, complete with snowcapped mountains and people enjoying mulled wine at the Christmas markets, to a lush landscape, filled with people relaxing by the river getting ready to dive into the festival season.

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