Yes, darkness can be a fascinating experience and especially the hours at night often spread their own magic. Specific music can be your strong ally in such a setting and British electronic producer Matthew Barnes knows a thing or two about it. Under his alias Forest Swords Barnes has been recording cinematic delicacies over the past years that really unfold their sensual and sinister spirit when being consumed at night. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

This year’s LP Compassion saw his music heading for new territories and structures while keeping the overall spirit of Forest Swords alive. So, of course it was an enormous pleasure when Mr. Barnes agreed to add his own personal selection of dark sounds to our night time playlist. Here’s how he explains his picks:

‘I wrote a lot of my latest album in various cities and spent a lot of time walking around at night on my own listening to sketches I’d done. These songs are tracks that remind me of those walks: neon-hued, misty and drizzly and foggy, intimidating dark corners, people-watching through pub windows, air so cold you can see your breath, purposeful.’

Expect a few of his own recordings right next to really gloomy ones but don’t be surprised to find Tears For Fears and even Kylie Minogue in here as well. The first 15 tracks are his picks, the rest comes from us – the overall result remains an atmopsheric journey through the twilight. Feel happily invited to follow it.