Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action  - Cover- 2013


FRANZ FERDINAND Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

01 Right Action
02 Evil Eye
03 Love Illumination
04 Stand on the Horizon
05 Fresh Strawberries
06 Bullet
07 Treason! Animals.
08 The Universe Expanded
09 Brief Encounters
10 Goodbye Lovers & Friends


What makes a high quality band existing for a long period permanently successful? Is it their progression in music and being open for experiments or is the main thing to find an own special sound, learn to love it and stick with it forever? Probably both –  but in this case it is definitely the second, as the one and only  indie rock band FRANZ FERDINAND finally release their fourth studio album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action on 26 August via Domino. The album was recorded during 2013 at Alex Kapranos Scottish studio and Nick McCathys Sausage Studios in London.

Compared to their last LP Tonight from 2009 the new one is way more scratchy and post-punk, instead of clean and the electronic tendencies are totally gone. The record reminds a lot of their brilliant self titled breakthrough debut, although there aren’t real anthems like Take Me Out on it. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is really groovy and songs contain catchy choruses and you could say lyrically the band makes a small step forward. Highlights and earworms of the record are the first song of the record Right Action, Love Illumination and the quick song Bullet.

To be honest there aren’t any surprises on this LP, the biggest surprise is probably that there aren’t any. The album is just like FRANZ FERDINAND, which isn’t a bad thing but to listen to all ten songs of the record at once is probably not the best idea as it all sounds similar, except you do it live. FRANZ FERDINAND is a band that can record, but doubtless it is band you love much more live, it is just seems to be part of their nature to rock in front of a crazy and fun crowd.

If you are a faithful FRANZ FERDINAND fan the new album is probably all that you want after four years of waiting, but for everyone else it could be a bit too tedious, although it is a good record and if you are planning to see the band live a must have. You’ve even got  the chance to grab the limited version of the LP and the CD, which contains an additional disc entitled Right Notes, Right Words, Wrong Order and is basically a recorded live session captured at legendary Konk Studios in London. Bye the way, finding your own sound and sticking with it doesn’t mean everything has to sound the same, there is space for experiments!