French Wave FestivalThe official festival trailer is here for the September 26 and September 27 FRENCH WAVES FESTIVAL at Bii Nuu.  This trailer gets major credit for creative segues between musical acts.  A lovely, blonde French-looking girl rolls out of bed and turns on her TV to see…. disco throwback video from LILLY WOOD AND THE PRICK.  Shots of the frontwoman boxing are interspersed with an intense disco face off with people dressed like it’s still 1975 and they are in the movie Xanadu (includes rollerskates).  Later she’s having a drink with her foxy boyfriend, only to be reading a  magazine and have a ad turn into the real life video from SUPERBUS. Farther on, her mobile phone explodes starts playing resident dreamboat LESCOP. Suddenly, she’s walking around Berlin and gives a lone guitarist in Berlin some cash, while a billboard behind comes alive with a black and white video from CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS. There are other contributions from dark eighties rockers 1984 and also tremulous singer MESPARROW. This festival has a wide line-up that provides a beautiful window into what’s promising from the French scene now. Tickets available online and at KOKA 36.