Ghost Beach - Photo by Shervin Lainez

Photo by Shervin Lainez

There might be a few preconceptions that can come to one’s mind when you include the word ‘beach’ in your band name. BEACH HOUSE, BEACH FOSSILS and even the good old BEACH BOYS – you automatically expect the music to be a proper soundtrack for a lazy day in the sun. You know, a score for your own pool party. And in the case of New York-based wave pop band GHOST BEACH this is actually the case.

The group’s current longplayer Blonde (which will also be released on August the 8th in Germany) features uplifting and bright synthpop full of 80s glory. And yes, it’s indeed music for a day on the beach. And since we’re already in the middle of cliches we might thought it would be a good idea to have GHOST BEACH choosing their favourite tracks for a hot and sweat summer day. And their suggestions clearly don’t disappoint. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.

Todd Terje – ‘Inspector Norse’

This song is perfect for a drive along the beach.


Bob Marley – ‘Satisfy My Sou’

This song always reminds me of cruising around the north shore of Oahu, in Hawaii.


St. Lucia – ‘Closer Than This’

St. Lucia is our friend from NYC and this is one of our favorite songs of his.


Brazilian Girls – ‘Don’t Stop’

Brazilian Girls are fun to listen to anytime especially by the pool or the beach.


Shook – ‘Hold Tight’

Shook is one of our favorites. We enjoy dropping some of his songs in our DJ set from time to time. He also did a great remix of ‘been there before’ for us.


Summer Heart – ‘I Wanna Go’

I really enjoy the simple flow of this Summer Heart.