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Ghost Beach - Blonde Cover

[one_half last=”yes”]GHOST BEACH

Release-Date: 08.08.2014
Label: Nettwerk

01. Moon Over Japan
02. Miracle
03. Been There Before
04. Close Enough
05. On My Side
06. Every Time We Touch
07. Without You
08. Tear Us Apart
09. Faded
10. First Time
11. Empty Streets
12. Too Young

NBHAP Rating: 3/5


Music for the beach?

At least if your beach is a hopelessly colourful and over-the-top one that you’re visiting in 1986. Or if you love bands like PASSION PIT.

Irresistible catchiness

From the moment Moon Over Japan starts this one will instantly please all pop lovers. Miracle and On My Side continue this tendency.

Top 40 suitability

Definitely sensible. GHOST BEACH deliver high gloss tropical pop. Fans of substance and a certain edginess should look somewhere else.

GHOST BEACH present irresistibly catchy synthpop on their new album. Still, ‘Blonde’ might be a bit too much ‘over-the-top’ material on its full duration.