Greg Haines - Guestmix - Photo by Thomas Hack

Photo by Thomas Hack

Just in case you haven’t noticed it yet – Denovali Records is a label full of great music that deserves to be discovered. Well, in case you love experimental music that isn’t afraid of showing a few edges now and then. The label also hosts its very own ‘Swingfest’ event again this year – recently selected as one of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s favourite small festivals of Europe. And one name in the line up you should definitely get to know better is GREG HAINES. The gifted composer is one that loves to take risks. Last year’s longplayer Where We Were delivered eclectic electronic soundscapes, quite different from his previous work. Just another proof for his multiple influences. If you need another one – check out his exclusive NBHAP Guestmix that is all about ‘Wackies’. ‘What’s that?’ you ask? Read here what GREG HAINES got to say about his selection.

Wackies was a label started by Lloyd Barnes, a.k.a Bullwackie – a producer, musician and singer who emigrated from Jamaica to New York in the seventies, and used the techniques he had learnt there to create his own special kind of dub and roots reggae. Not just a record label, Wackies was also a record shop, a soundsystem and perhaps most importantly a studio, where many legendary artists travelled to get a taste of his production skills.

I first discovered Wackies, as I am sure many people did, via Rhythm and Sound. Their second release was in fact a remix of a lost Wackies cut, Mango Drive by The Chosen Brothers – a group that included Bullwackie himself as a singer. On the flipside of this legendary Rhythm & Sound cut was the original track, complete with the original Wackies label. Both of these tracks continue to be some of my favourite music out there. Sadly, a lot of the original material has been out of print for a long time now and fetches high prices on the second hand market, but luckily the guys from Rhythm & Sound, as well as other labels such as Jammyland in New York, continue to reissue the cream of the crop.

I hope this mix acts as a good starting point for those uninitiated with the legend that is Bullwackie – master of the analogue studio!

01. LEROY SIBBLES – This World
02. LOVE JOYS – Stranger
03. BULLWACKIE – Man Size
05. LLOY McTAGGART – Youre Back
06. STRANGER COLE – Red Gold & Green
07. CLIVE HUNT & RAS TAKASHI – Drumsong Part II
08. WANACHI – African Rose
09. MEDITATIONS – I Love Jah
10. MILTON HENRY – Let the Sun Shine In
11. RAS CLIFTON – Queen of the Universe
12. BULLWACKIE – Sibles in Dub
13. SUGAR MINOTT – Genuine Lover / Genuine Dub