NBHP-Guestmix-TheGrowlersPicture this scenario. You’re buying a pretty old and cheap car somewhere outside of Los Angeles. Probably something from the mid 80s or even older. Everything seems a bit rusty and rundown. And while you’re driving the car through the Californian sunset you discover that there’s an old cassette in the glove compartment. And since these old cars definitely have a cassette deck you immediately start playing the tape. It might not have the best sound of the world but it’s full of obscure rarities and music you’ve never heard before in your live. Hidden treasures from the past and beyond.

Pictures close to this romantic scenario come to our head when we listen to the exclusive NBHAP Guestmix by THE GROWLERS. The band from – of course, Californian city Costa Mesa – is known for delicate retro-rock sounds. Psychedelic little pop wonders that seem to be fallen out of time. The band’s most recent record Hung At Heart is full of such tunes. And no wonder a few critics aren’t afraid of calling them the Westcoast version of the legendary STROKES. With such smooth tunes we wouldn’t mind.

So, THE GROWLERS dug deep in their record collections and found some brilliant tunes for their very personal mixtape. From forgotten 60s heroes to 80s r’n’b. This is definitely music to discover. So, take a seat, start the engines and let’s drive straight towards the sunset.

01. HARRY JOHNSON – It’s nothing to me
02. KEVIN AYERS – Lady Rachel
04. THE NIGHT BEATS –  Puppet on a string
05. JOE MEEK – Telstar
06. TONETTA 777 –  Set A Flame
07. PAUL McCARTNEY – Monk Berry Moon delight
08. BOB MARLEY – Stand Alone
09. SHANNON AND THE CALMS – The Warlock In The Woods
10. SADE – Smooth Operator
11. NEW EDITION – Cool It Now


Oh, and before we forgot that: THE GROWLERS are about to tour Germany in November, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Don’t miss it!

18.11. Freiburg – Räng Teng Teng
19.11. Munich – Atomic Café
20.11. Frankfurt – Zoom
21.11. Berlin – White Trash