Hisser Photo

The forthcoming Ja Ja Ja Club Night in Berlin will feature one of the first ever live-performances by HISSER, the new solo project by Miikka Koivisto who most of you might know from his band DISCO ENSEMBLE. And if you know that band you know that Mr. Koivisto always shared a certain amount of love for everything that’s furious and noisy.

The idea of HISSER also focusses on the concept of mixing various eclectic influences to create something that brings new aspects to the good old concept of pop music. Lo-Fi, 90s inspired break-beat-acid pop? We’re still not sure yet but we can’t wait to find it our as the charismatic performer is currently preparing his first full-length.

But on this Friday Mr. Koivisto compiled quite a special NBHAP Guestmix, one that is dominated by noise rock, hard electronic beats and well, a certain sexiness as well. Here are HISSER‘s thoughts on his very own ‘Dystopian Sextape’:

I tried to mix some personal noise-rock favourites from years back with some more recent dirty, electronic stuff that somehow represent this same image in my head, dry beats, dusty loops, dirty low-mid-range synth gurgle. Just this kind of melancholic sci-fi aesthetic, some kind of post-apocalyptic dune-party with ice-hockey masks and helmets with mohawks and shitty time-travel or something. Also, I find this to be the ultimate sex music to be honest, the slow arcs and build-ups with some brash surprises along the way.