Honeyblood - Press PhotoGirls with guitars. Not just the name of a modern day indie classic by MAXIMO PARK but also an always highly welcomed combination at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, especially when it’s such a sweet and powerful one as in the case of HONEYBLOOD. The two Scottish ladies just released their self-titled debut album via Fat Cat Records. Music that sounds more like California than Glasgow. Shona McVicar and Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale bring us joyful lo-fi pleasure with that special attitude you just have to fall in love with. Especially on a lazy summer day. Move over BEST COAST – there are two new sheriffs in town.

And since today is such a lovely but lazy summer day NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION thought it would be a fitting situation to have HONEYBLOOD providing a playlist. So, we asked Mrs. Tweeddale and Mrs. McVicar to share some of her favourite songs of all time with us right here. Expect a lot of girl-power and punk spirit within the following tunes.

01. All Saints – ‘Pure Shores’

I was a big ALL SAINTS fan. They were girls who wore combats and tank tees. They looked like they could climb trees much better than the SPICE GIRLS could. Vocally, the harmonies were always so sweet and ‘Pure Shores’ is a tune.

02. Sonic Youth – ‘My Friend Goo’

The world should be thankful for Kim Gordon, and I definitely am. ‘The Year That Punk Broke’ is a fantastic music documentary about Sonic Youth. It was my proper introduction to her. This video always makes me smile.

03. The Breeders – ‘Divine Hammer’

I love THE BREEDERS. They are my favourite band of all time. To me, they were the girl majority band that never made a big deal (no pun intended) about being a girl majority band.

04. Hang On The Box – ‘You Lost Everything But It’s Not My Fault’

I adore this band. I hope we get to tour in China one day and the reason is HOTB. They are part of this really amazing documentary about Punk bands in Beijing called Beijing Bubbles. They just seem to ride about on BMX’s and play shows which seems pretty cool. I think they’re defunct now, but they’re good ‘girl power’ idols in my eyes.

05. Kate Bush – ‘Waking The Witch’

My mother is a big KATE BUSH fan and she really struck a chord with me early on. She’s emotive yet fun and musically astounding. This song gives me absolute chills, I wouldn’t listen to it if you’re drifting off to sleep. This song is about the persecution of a witch .Party, this song gave me the inspiration to write ‘Choker’ about Angela Carter’s short story The Bloody Chamber.

06. JUCE – ‘Call You Out’

We had the pleasure of doing some acoustic songs for Radio 1 a few weeks ago along with some other great upcoming British artists. One that we thought were awesome was a girl trio called JUCE. Since then I’ve been keeping my ear on the them and properly love this video and song. It totally reminds me of all that is ‘Girl Power’. They are so good!

07. The Slits – ‘Shoplifing’

This song has such meaning to me. I really loved The Slits growing up. They are brash and loud and I have very vivid memories of dancing around my bedroom to this song.

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