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Honig - It's Not A Hummingbird It's Your Father's Ghost
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It’s Not A Hummingbird, It’s Your Father’s Ghost

Release-Date: 22.08.2014
Label: Haldern Pop Records

01. Leave Me Now
02. Dear Liar
03. Lemon Law
04. Overboard
05. Swimming Lessons
06. Red Stains
07. Peaches
08. Feathers
09. Golden Circle
10. A Boy
11. We Are Alone In This Together

NBHAP Rating: 4/5



So, this is a band now or what?
It is, although the bandleader remains the driving force behind it, especially with this voice. Still, it sounds fuller and more focussed.

No more simple bonfire sounds?
Intimate moments are still alive (Red Stains, A Boy) but the joyful groovy sing-a-long folk of the full band truly makes the difference.

International quality
Don’t mind the German heritage. HONIG‘s raw vocals make Marcus Mumford sound like a choirboy. Should work great on stages all over Europe.

HONIG‘s album ‘It’s Not A Hummingbird, It’s Your Father’s Ghost’ evolves his gentle folk songs into a fuller and more focussed band sound without losing its honesty.