Valery Gore + Manors

There are a few labels or brands with who you automaticly connect a certain quality. In Germany, the Immergut Festival is such an event. For over a decade now the open air event brings the finest of national and international independent music together in a lovely and friendly environment. A high standard which makes NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION even prouder to present the Immergut Festival 2013. And people are well aware of this quality level, so whenever it means Immergut, it actually is – and to all the english readers, this is the official translation – ‘always good’.

So, prior to each years main event in Neustrelitz, the Immergut folks are going on tour through the country with talented your artists. This time, Canadian songwriter VALERY GORE and British electronica duo MANORSare currently on the road together. We witnessed them stopping by at tiny Leipzig club Ilses Erika and we really enjoyed what we saw on that night. It was just fine to see that – although most people in the audience might not have much knowledge of the two acts before – they all came in large numbers and were open minded to the whole Immergut concept.

GOREwas first, accompanied by a keyboard player and drummer. The Canadian songwriter is not a total newbie, she already released two critically celebrated, self produced albums before and the work on her upcoming third one has just been completed. Her recently released new EP Saturated Spring features some really tender melodies and little pop songs. Cacthy hooklines with some sort of intelligent fundament. Sometimes a bit melancholy, sometimes uplifting tiny songbirds who instantly put a smile upon your face. Pretty hard to dislike her in such kinky moments – and its also pretty unlikely that VALERY GORE will stay that unknown much longer. A very likeable person on stage who almost seems like the typical ‘girl next door’ – but it’s great to see that there is more to the picture.

MANORS, who until recently went by the name RCSA, take a quite different approach. Their music can be described as an eclectic and intelligent form of synthie-pop. With clicking and clacking beats and the soft voice by singer Ben Mercer the songs are quite haunting and also danceable. The guys aren’t afraid of big anthems as well – just take their song Captain. It almost sounds like they are destined to more. Young ambition and a lot of desire also went into their performance on that night. Even if some tunes might take a while before you fully understand them, you can sense a certain potential right here.

And, so the Immergut journey is also about finding that potential, bringing it to the people and supporting it. Not only by letting MANORS and VALERY GORE play a show together. The artists are currently also crowdfunnding a collaborative split 10-inch vinyl, feautring two tracks by GORE, one of them remixed by their British colleques. An ambitious project from artist to music lovers which you can still support here. And even better, the Immergut road trip continues for the rest of the week. Find the remaining dates right here and take your chance to witness these talents.