Inner Tongue - 2015 - promo

The time of total secrecy seems to be over for this exciting new pop act from Austria. But, although we featured INNER TONGUE‘s musical and artistic concept several times now, we’re still unable to really get hold of the guy behind these fine tunes. What we know is what we hear and what he created as a narrative: After suffering from vocal cord dysfunction, INNER TONGUE was forced to focus on his music, excessively working on beats, harmonies and sound concept. Appropriately named, he let the INNER TONGUE do the speaking. Now he’s regained his voice and lately delivered the first result of his hard work: The Tz, Ka EP. It’s a delicate approach towards electronic pop, a phonetic exploration, a pulsating, lively version of synthesized beauty.

But still: Who is this guy? We might not be able to solve this mystery, maybe that’s not what we want to do anyway. Instead, we once again let the music do the talking as INNER TONGUE presents his personal Kopfkino-guestmix. Or, as he himself titled it: Walking Home: Home Is At The Job.

I’ve curated a list of songs that instantly silence my thoughts and worries, and let me explore whatever is behind my mind’s everyday noise. You’ve got to know my mind is very noisy. These songs get my Kopfkino started. Come, drown with me into the sweet spot of your sofa with this playlist.

Let’s obey and drown out everyday life’s noise with this soothing mix.