by Ben Rayner

by Ben Rayner

Ahh, the INTRODUCING showcase: sometimes a long wait, sometimes an annoying “oh-this-is-free-so-I-can-be-a-dick” crowds, but always gems in the lineup, and October’s free show this Tuesday October 22 at Lido Club, Berlin promises to light up your autumn.  This month’s arrives with loud: there’s garage, shoegaze, and psychedelia.  Come only if you absolutely love thrashing guitars.  Sign up for free guest list for Introducing in October, featuring New York’s own PARQUET COURTS (one of NBHAP’s favorite finds from Berlin Music Week 2013), SUNS OF THYME and SPLASHH.

PARQUET COURTS were featured on last month’s free download sampler Nothing but … Garage. They bring their classic four-piece rock sound and will playing selections from their acclaimed debut album Light Up Gold.

SUNS OF THYME are exciting not just because they are a neo-shoegaze band, but because they are a neo-shoegaze band from Berlin. In a town where you can count the number of non-electronica fixated acts on one hand, this is a something special.

SPLASHH originated in London and bring special MY BLOODY VALENTINE sweeping sound. Think feedback, think distortion, think awesome.