Jack White - 'Lazaretto' - Cover- 2014


01. Three Women
02. Lazaretto
03. Temporary Ground
04. Would You Fight For My Love?
05. High Ball Stepper
06. Just One Drink
07. Alone In My Home
08. Entitlement
09. That Black Bat Licorice
10. I Think I Found The Culprit
11. Want And Able


JACK WHITE continues his lonely path, vagabondlike, and releases his second solo album: Lazaretto. Following up his critically acclaimed debut album Blunderbuss, it is not easy to top something that already was so swell. WHITE took his chances and charmingly convinces us that he can get bigger than this. With loads of musical influences and backing bands he’s taking us on board.

Lazaretto feels like we are part of the artist’s mind and heart. Though most of the songs on this album seem to be happy and upbeat, lyrics show us a soulful and touched JACK WHITE. First song on the album is Three Women and is a blues inspired story of the red, blond and brunette women in is life.

It seems that the blues rocker has found inspiration in the good old folk sounds. Songs like Temporary Ground, Alone in my Home and Entitlement take you right back to the 60s. Emotional violins and gorgeous female backing vocals make these songs complete. JACK WHITE addresses the pressure of society in a couple of songs. So he sings ‘Why can’t I be entitled too? in Entitlement and ‘I am tired of being told what to do’ in Want and Able. Leaving arrogance behind, JACK WHITE sings these songs like he is genuinely hurt.

The unmistaken electric guitar of the musician’s is not left out on Lazaretto in songs like The Black Bat Licorice and High ball Stepper. High pitched and a little brutal they accompany his voice. Inspired by many, so it seems, JACK WHITE brings with this album a selection of melodic, rocky, bluesy and folk inspired songs. There is no way around it that WHITE has found comfort in his instruments and that also his backing bands deserve more than ‘just a spot’ on this magnificent album. Whether you are lying in bed or you sit in your favourite bar: this album will get you moving. Passionately sung, these songs must be sublime when performed live.

White ends the story with what could be a lullaby. In Want and Able he wonders who it is that tells him what to do. ‘Who is the who?’ Well, JACK, that ‘who’ is you and you have shown us, once again, how beautiful a musical album can be.

JACK WHITE‘s ‘Lazaretto’ is a somewhat eclectic album that tells us the story of an adventurous journey from the first song to the last one.

NBHAP Rating: 4/5

Written by Emily Schennach