Broaden your musical horizon is always something we encourage here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, especially since our cosy online outlet gives us the opportunity to extend our own knowledge as well. So, we’re always happy when there’s a possibility to do that and in this case the help comes from Kutay Soyocak, leader of Turkish synthpop outfit Jakuzi. They first caught the attention of international fans and press when their 2017 debut Fantezi Müzik got released via acclaimed abel City Slang and surprised many listeners when it showcased modern Turkish underground music to the world. The sound of Jakuzi got not much to do with what we assume Turkish music would sound like and in many ways their forthcoming second album Hati Payı continues this and so does Soyocak’s exclusive NBHAP Guestmix which he fittingly titled Istanbul Doom Night. Here’s what awaits you according to the man himself:

‘When I was asked to compile this mix I tried to do the best to make something about the soul of the Istanbul night. I tried to only choose exclusive artists and sounds of this city. That mix is really close to my Istanbul nights & mood about inspiration and most of these musicians are also close friends.’

The result is a fascinating journey into a scene that hasn’t been on our radar yet. The Jakuzi leader delivers new-wave-underground sweetness, Turkish indie gems while placing classics next to brand new treasures. And while listening this one-hour-long ride you realize that there’s more to the local scene than you might have thought. Despite the tense political setting the alternative is still very much alive but it remains tough for Soyocak and his friends. There are no playlists for Turkish DIY dream pop dark wave bands, their songs will not be played on the traditional radio shows and there’s no mass market for attending punk shows. But like many colleagues Jakuzi keep on fighting and that makes their music even more valuable. So, we happily invite you do discover this exciting musical microcosm, please support the artists you like in any form and keep your eyes and ears open for Hati Payı which arrives this Friday, on April the 5th.

Tracklist – Jakuzi’s ‘Istanbul Doom Night’ Mix

01. Palmiyeler – Gün Doğmadan Gel 
02. Hedonutopia – Chopin 
03. Yerçekimi – Zaman 
04. Pitohui – Vatoz 
05. Brek – Nerede Uyandım Ben 
06. Cava Grande – Playing Fields 
07. Elz And The Cult – We Never Met 
08. RedRice – Band Of Light 
09. Hayri Okçu – In The Moonlight 
10. Nekropsi – Die Neue Papa 
11. Art Diktatör- Van Gölü Canavarı 
12. The Raws – Karanlık ve Soğuk 
13. NLP – The Nightlife 
14. Tembel Cızırtı – Menemen 
15. Özgün Semerci – An Eerie Tale