Kid Astray - Press Photo 2015Ah, the golden days of infanthood. A more peaceful and innocent time, right? One aspect that’s always interesting to recap is the role music played back then in our socialization. The taste of these early days might differ quite much from yours today basically because we didn’t have much of a choice back then. The music of the charts, the radio and also from the record collections of your parents became your personal tastemaker whether you liked it or not.

Norwegian indie-pop band KID ASTRAY makes not exception and since the six-piece grew up in the 1990s we’re not surprised to have SPICE GIRLS, BRITNEY and the good-old BOOMFUNK MC’s showing up in their personal list. But there’s also room for a few surprises. The band is also part of the line-up from the forthcoming Ja Ja Ja club night in Berlin on February the 12th, together with DNKL and EVA & MANU. And if you want to discuss your favourite BSB track with them on that evening here are all the arguments you need.

01. SPICE GIRLS – ‘Wannabe’

We were part of the Hits For Kids generation, so we think almost all songs on this list was featured on one of the HFK CDs. This one is simply amazing.

02. BACKSTREET BOYS – ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’

Håkon: Maaan, this song was played to death on every CD player I could find. That bassline.

03. Britney Spears – ‘Baby One More Time’

This is one of the many songs that one can listen to even today and just: ‘Wow, I totally get why this song was big.’ The song is super catchy and the production is ace.

04. Michael Jackson – ‘You Rock my World’

Awesome guy, awesome song, awesome video. It’s just so good.

05. Boomfunk MCs – ‘Freestyler’

Even: At my elementary school, there was this one guy who claimed he knew how to break dance. What he did was he put on this song, pulled off his shirt, and stroke his belly violently for the whole duration of the song. He was the best and only break dancer at school.

Fats Domino – ‘Blueberry Hill’

Even: When I was about five years old, I signed up for Athletics for Children, a weekly event where kids got together and played ball. Each week, my father would drive me to the local sports hall, and each week I would refuse to play ball with the others, instead sitting in the car, listening to ‘Blueberry Hill’ – crying. This was my last attempt at sport.

Randy Newman – ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’

Even: Toy Story was my favourite movie as a kid, and this song played all day long in my DiscMan. Still love it.