Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull - Cover- 2013

KINGS OF LEONMechanical Bull

01. Supersoaker
02. Rock City
03. Don’t Matter
04. Beautiful War
05. Temple
06. Wait for Me
07. Family Tree
08. Comeback Story
09. Tonight
10. Coming Back Again
11. On the Chin

Without any doubt the KINGS OF LEON have come quite a long way since the three Followill brothers and their cousin started the band in the late 90s. They lost their ‘inside-tip’-status, their beards, their blues rock roots and – according to a few fans – a bit of credibility. Well, not in the exact same order. Most of it – they almost lost their way after the release of 2010’s Come Around Sundown. The band was burned out, mainly singer Caleb Followill who was fighting with his own alcoholic demons. After years of continuously working to become one of the biggest bands in the world, the KINGS OF LEON just needed a bit of time to redefine themselves, their music and their lives.

No, with a bit time off, the four Followills return with their sixth longplayer. Mechanical Bull marks two things – the continuation of the band’s stadium rock ambitions on one side and the return to their more energetic musical roots on the other side. While the previous record was quite harmonic and soft in looks like KINGS OF LEON wanted to proof their longtime fans and probably themselves that they are still a rock band. That’s what Mechanical Bull is about. A fresh start, a return after taking a long breath. And you can clearly notice that.

Of course this isn’t a second Youth And Young Manhood, these guys won’t go back to the early blues rock days with all the ridiculous mullet haircuts and the trucker style. In the end, they are grown up man. While the album starts with the joyful first single Supersoaker only a few moments really manage to recall the early KINGS OF LEON. Don’t Matter is such a song. The rest of Mechanical Bull feels like a natural continuation of the previous records. We still got the world-embracing ballads like Beautiful War (sooo Joshua Tree) and On The Chin, next to joyful radio pop rock tunes like Temple or Coming Back Again. For sure, there’s a bit more life within these songs. KINGS OF LEON have woken up from their lethargy, although Mechanical Bull is far away from being a dirty rock record.

At the end there’s no way back which isn’t the worst thing. Why always looking back? And for all those who are mocking about the evolution of the Followills – don’t forget that they’ve also won a few things over past years. Fans, experience, Grammys, inner piece and new perspectives. There is no way back, it only goes forward. The Mechanical Bull is hungry.