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Purposely Uncertain Field - Cover

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Purposely Uncertain Field

Release-Date: 06.02.2015
Label: Permanent Vacation

01. Escape Velocity
02. Drifting Red
03. Entangled
04. Lamb Shift
05. Cooping
06. Orb
07. Illuminated
08. Blackpoint
09. Bora
10. Glease 29
11. Distance


NBHAP Rating: 4/5


Hypezig Afterglow

For those who are still trying to make east German city Leipzig the new Berlin – relax, take a deep zip from your gluten-free coffee and let the likeable city speak for itself. And yes, it really god an interesting and vital club scene with Martin Enke being right at front of it. Even beyond the borders of his city his moniker LAKE PEOPLE slowly but steady caught the attention of all lovers of eclectic electronic music. Ever since his first productions showed up four, five years ago he managed to create his very own version of club music.

And the beat goes on

Somewhere caught between the pumping beats of techno beats and the floating complexity of ambient music that’s where LAKE PEOPLE is located. It’s the moment at the summer open air rave when the dark slowly disappears and the dawn greets the other day. The groove continues although the peak of the night is gone. Purposely Uncertain Field, Enke’s long awaited debut album, captured that moment and finally proves that the idea of LAKE PEOPLE can also work beyond EP’s and single tunes. It’s an entertaining instrumental record whose efficiency goes way beyond another ordinary club record. Escape Velocity might start the album with a pumping beat but quickly evolves into a more atmospheric direction. Drifting Red continues that path with gentle break-beats.

Signals to space

There’s something happening everywhere on Purposely Uncertain Field, a lot of things to discover. The short interlude Entangled is heading directly for space while Lamb Shift reminisces of Detroit techno and Illuminated even got room for some acid elements. As the LAKE PEOPLE debut continues the ideas get more abstract and complex without sounding to weird. Glease 29 is a lovely nod to BOARDS OF CANADA while the closing track Distance is pure eclectic ambient heave, packed with little bleeps and sounds as if the satellite dish from the record’s artwork directly caught these noises from space and sends Enke’s gentle synthesizer melodies right back into the orbit. Purposely Uncertain Field takes a step further than most other minimal techno albums do, it’s ambitious alternative draft to stereotypical club music. Seriously, who wants to go the Berghain after listening to this, anyway?

LAKE PEOPLES debut full-length ‘Purposely Uncertain Field’ is an ambitious and atmospheric alternative draft to normal club records and therefore highly recommendable.