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Refused - Freedom

NBHAP Rating: 3,3/5


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Working Girl

Release-Date: 10.07.2015
Label: On Repeat

01. Intro
02. Working Girl
03. No Pressure
04. Get Things Done
05. Taste It
06. Real Girl
07. Heroine
08. Interlude
09. The Game
10. Help Too
11. Business Pleasure
12. Paradise
13. Better In The Morning




Strutin‘ down this beat
Electronic synths and light bass drums were always the strength in LITTLE BOOTS colourful sound. This time, as fashion week were hitting us all, the singer follows the path of recent designers: restrained tones, some gray, light blue, white. Everything is about coolness and softness. Working Girl consists fully of this attributes. Classy and modern.

High Fashion Instrumentals
Yes, even this part cannot go without the attachment of the F word. What brings up the comparison with fashion are the beats and the almost insensitive voice of the artist. A bit sterile and robot like. It is not a bad thing and it fits to the rest of the music, but much of the lyrics‘ content get lost due to an overdose of smoothness in the mastering progress. “It’s not easy for a working girl” is one of the memorable quotes. Well, we’re sure it isn’t!

Still about the business pleasure
So if you take the time and really focus on the words the woman is singing about being strong, independent, about love and respect (Real Girl, Heroine) and the tough side of the business (Working Girl, Get Things Done). An interesting mix of issues she is addressing on her newest LP. Not to forget that the singer released it via her own label On Repeat. It can get pretty tough out there, but in the end the listeners are getting a product which comes from the heart of LITTLE BOOTS and could not be more real and personal.

Working Girl is the ideal soundtrack for a runway show. Special and suitable for the moment, just like every year’s fashion week. But memorability and some classy pop-orientated catchiness are slightly missing on this piece.