Lust For Youth

Yes, sometimes we can’t get enough of the good old 80s vibe. Just remember NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s just released list about pop musical highlights from the year 1984. And it’s always welcome when a contemporary band recalls the aesthetics and sound of this golden era for pop music while mixing it with a fresh sound. Hannes Norrvide might agree with us on this point.

The mastermind of Danish wave pop band LUST FOR YOUTH sat down to list seven songs for us by people and artists he really adores. So expect music from the heart in this selection. His band just released a new album called International. And it does not only represent the shift from a former solo project to a full band but also their love for fancy synthpop.

Get ready to experience what music inspired LUST FOR YOUTH over the past years. The following pages include seven little gems which are worth to be discovered by you.