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Magnus - 'Where Neon Goes To Die'

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Where Neon Goes To Die

Release-Date: 01.09.2014
Label: Caroline

01. Puppy (feat. Tim Vanhamel)
02. Last Bend (feat. Blaya)
03. Trouble On a Par (feat. Mina Tindle)
04. Future Postponed
05. Catlike
06. Regulate (feat. Billie Kawende)
07. Everybody Loves Repetition (feat. Selah Sue)
08. Getting Ready (feat. David Eugene Edwards)
09. Singing Man (feat. Thomas Smith)
10. Death Of Neon

NBHAP Rating: 3/5


Familiar names, new environment

Both protagonists of MAGNUS are not total newcomers. Tom Barman is the well-known frontman of Belgian indie-rock group DEUS while C.J Bolland previously got himself a name in acts like THE PROPHET or CAMARGUE. Where Neon Goes To Die was already a big success in Barman’s home country and is now aiming for a global audience.

Ten shades of dark

Barman and Bolland clearly share an undeniable love for dark 80s wave pop. Where Neon Goes To Die is the attempt to combine its spirit with all different forms of music. From epic pop (Puppy), to tender pop (Trouble On A Par), dance music (Regulate) and even surprising excursus into hip hop (Catlike). MAGNUS basically delivered a wild selection of pop songs in which the dark undertone marks the recurring element.

With a little help from my friends

MAGNUS are not alone on their journey into darkness as they asked a diversified selection of artists to join them. The list includes former DEUS-member Tim Vanhamel, BURAKA SOM SISTEMA’s Blaya, songwriter SELAH SUE or EDITORS frontman Tom Smith who helps to give Singing Man that special DEPECHE MODE atmosphere. It’s a diversified album, maybe even a bit too diversified as a more coherent musical theme could have made it even better.


Wave duo MAGNUS celebrates the dark side of pop on ‘Where Neon Goes To Die’ while combining an almost too diversified variety of genres and artists.