MaifeldNot quite long to go from now until the sixth edition of the celebrated MAIFELD DERBY Festival will take place in the beautiful city Mannheim in South-West Germany. From the 3d of June until the 6th you got the chance to see many famous international acts as well as national newcomers on four different stages. This year’s headliners are the British mastermind JAMES BLAKE – who just surprisingly released his album The Colour In Anything in digital form – the celebrated Australian producer FLUME and the British formation DAUGHTER who conquered the heart of many music lovers with their second record Not To Disappear a few months ago. On the other hand there’s also a lot of hidden treasures like MOTHERS, WEAVES, DRANGSAL and FINS who clearly deserve your attention.

The specialty about the MAIFELD DERBY festival is that it takes place at an equestrian sports arena a little outside the city and that they’re still trying to be as less commercial as they can. They only got food-stalls from locals, don’t have that much advertising and since 2014, they got the Greener Maifeld Derby campaign where they try to act environmental – sustained and even got an award for that. All the four stages are just a little footpath away from each other, the biggest one is in a tent, the ‘Palast-Zelt’. The festival was founded in 2011 by some students from the established Popakademie (which is located in Mannheim) and managed it to make itself a name in the international festival scene in only five years.

If you want to be part of this year’s MAIFELD DERBY and you haven’t got a ticket yet, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION offers you the chance to visit the festival for free ’cause we’re giving away 1×2 tickets. Just answer the following question:

There’s a band playing at the festival called MINOR VICTORIES – they consist of members from three famous bands. Which bands are those?

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Find all important info and the full line-up and time-table below: