As the days are getting shorter it became a lovely tradition over here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION to give our beloved Melancholic Moments Playlist a well deserved update since fall and winter are the best seasons to dwell on such a sound. This year has been tougher on than usual on many levels. Not only does the world appear to get weirder and weirder but the Covid-19 pandemic had a crucial impact on all of our lives. While spring and summer might have been easy these next months will be tough. Not only due to the declining temperatures but also due to the fact that we might have to return to a less ‘free’ environment again. Well, it might still be okay to go outside after all and it might even help us to appreciate these seasons again in a new light. But the ongoing uncertainty regarding a potential ‘end’ of the Corona situation continues to lie heavy on the hearts of many of us. And in moments like these melancholic music can have relieving effect, something to cope with these mixed emotions as it allows you to get them out of your system.

If our very own playlist can achieve that we would be quite thrilled. Either way you’d like to consume it we’re happy to bring you 100 mellow songs and over seven hours of bittersweet bliss, including brand new talent and old favourites of ours and yours. We’re happy to have fresh material by Angel Olsen, Bill Callahan, Ólafur Arnalds, Fenne Lily or Adrianne Lenker in here and yes, there’s also room for music from Taylor Swift‘s surprising turn towards indie folk. Apart from these well known acts we also give exciting newcomers a spot like CATT, Le Ren, Sand Co., Vaarin, Maya Hawke and a few other ones you should have on your radar. May these songs comfort you in troubled times, warm your heart and soul and give you the strength to hold on.