Mmoths- Diaries (2013)

MMOTHS Diaries

1. One
2. For Her (feat. Young & Sick)
3. Losing You
4. No One
5. All These Things (feat. Holly Miranda)
6. Too Real

Writing a journey while being on the road can offer you quite different perspectives, helps you to reflect on certain things and remember specific aspects of the journey. So far, so clear – and creating one on a musical basis is even more exciting, although Irish producer Jack Colleran never planned it. “I wanted to document the things I was experiencing, so I bought a bunch of film for my camera and a journal.” said Colleran in a recent interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, “A few days into the tour the camera broke and I lost the journal. But when I got home I realised I had these tracks, demos, that were written over the few months.” So Jack and his alter ego MMOTHS made the best out of it – the result is his smooth sophomore EP entitled Diaries, out now via SQE Music.

While last year’s self-titled debut release was a bit more introspective and washed out, the new one is more self-confident. Diaries feels more focussed and elaborate. It’s a logical consequence to the progress of the music Colleran creates. Chillwave, glo-fi, dream pop – whatever you might call it, Diaries is what you want it to be. Driving on the road, sitting in an empty hotel room, staring at the sun through trees – it leave’s space for interpretation right from the moment the tender rhodes in the opener One start to play. With the vague vocal fragments and evolving drums it is the perfect intro for the six-track-release. This tender synthies, wide pads, gentle piano play and ghostly vocal samples mainly define the music of MMOTHS. Two guest vocalists are featured on the release – YOUNG AND SICK on the song For Her and HOLLY MIRANDA who provides vocals for the EP’s stand-out highlight, the captivating All These Things. Her voice and his sounds mark a really fortunate combination. A proper little pop hit.

All the tracks on Diaries work really well together and are a must-listen for all fans of such music. The only criticism that we might have is the fact that it is way too short. The dream is already over and you are interrupted a bit too soon. Colleran once more proved while he is a talent to look out for. And we are really hoping for a full length MMOTHS longplayer in the not so far future – because reading a longer journal is just way more fun than only witness a couple of pages.