Momentum 3Is it yet time again? Indeed it is. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is proud to present the third installment of one of one of Berlin’s hottest events in terms of innovative music – it’s momentum number 3, ladies and gentleman. The date is August the 15th, the location is, once again, the lovely Prince Charles.

Previous events already gave us great performances by beloved acts like SUN GLITTERS, DAUWD and KYSON. And this time the line up is fine again. Starting with Irishman Jack Colleran and his alter ego MMOTHS who are presenting the brand new live line-up of the project. “I think at the minute there’s a lot of beliefs and ideas being forced onto people through music and that’s something I don’t really agree with.” said the young man in an interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION earlier this year. Which makes us even more excited to experience his dreamy electronica sounds live in Berlin this Thursday.

Furthermore we will have British electronica producer SOOSH who’s ambient-like structures tend to take you on a trip. And Swedish sound designer HENRIK JOSÉ follows their mission to lead us deeper into the synthetic rabbit hole. This very special triumvirate gets framed by a DJ-set from Bln.FM’s very own Zuurb. And all together these people are here to create a sonic atmosphere of sounds and hypnotic beauty we won’t even dare to resist. Save the date on Facebook right here – we’ll see you there.