Pace, motivation and drive – important factors for a run anytime of the year; but as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, it takes that extra kick to get even the keenest of runners outdoors and active. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION asked the London City Runners the songs that keep them going on dreary, cold nights in the Old Smoke. These are what they came up with.

1. Public Enemy – ‘Brother’s Gonna Work It Out’

This fitness-freaks’ favourite from the 90s rapping sensation is a great starter to any long run. It’s the coolest you’re ever likely to feel running, as long as you don’t attempt to rap along.

2. Darude – ‘Sandstorm’

Perfect on a treadmill or while braving the cold, this techno tune, befitting an Ibiza nightclub, has a powerful beat to push you further – while you’re happily envisioning a Mediterranean beach party!

3. Leftfield ft. Nicole Willis – ‘Swords’

This British Electronic band focuses your pace while Willis’ beautiful vocals add intrigue to the rhythm.

4. The Chemical Brothers – ‘Pioneer Skies’

A God-send for Gym Rats, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS always drive a runner with their fusion of electronic melodies and punchy beats. While Galvanize might be a favourite, this track in particular develops an amazing melody for the early-morning runner.

5. The White Stripes – ‘Blue Orchid’

Speeding you up from the first strike of her base drum, Meg White and her ex, Jack, make a superb duo of heavy chords and powerful beats to motivate even the biggest couch-potatoes among us.

6. Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers – ‘Roadrunner’

This tune is perfect for anyone running through the capital of Punk. The prominent drums and, as the candid lyrics call out, your pace is maintained by the vocals as well.

7. Dario G – ‘Sunchyme’

Opening with melodic piano chords, perfect for a sunrise run, the positive beat pushes you through an early morning run. As the choral vocals come over the top, the heat of this otherworldly tune transports you faster than trainers alone ever will!

8. Nina Simone & Felix da Housecat – ‘Sinnerman’

The most perfect duo that never met. Felix Da Housecat modernises Simone’s sultry vocals and jazzy piano to create the cool, bluesy beats of this revamped classic. The singers voice haunts this fast-paced version, creating an amazing atmosphere with which to drive you forward.