Mount Kimbie - Cold Spring Fault Less Youth - Cover- 2013

Mount KimbieCold Spring Fault Less Youth

1. Home Recording
2. You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule)
3. Break Well
4. Blood and Form.
5. Made To Sray
6. So Many Times, So Many Ways
7. Lie Near
8. Meter, Pale, Tone (feat. King Krule)
9. Slow
10. Sullen Ground
11. Fall Out


British beat makers MOUNT KIMBIE finally release their second album, we had the chance to give it a listen and it impressed us deeply.

MOUNT KIMBIE already became one of the most innovative artists with their progressive and damn groovy kind of electronica, perfectly shown on debut Crooks and Lovers. Next to hyped artists like JAMES BLAKE and SEPALCURE they formed the top of a new kind of musicians who showed impressively how to use these different electronic influenced elements as a construction kit, always with the aim to design something completely new. So this artists soon got tagged with names like post dubstep, chillstep, ambient techno or just experimental.

Seven EPs in the last three years showed a permanently productive and always interesting rise from bedroom produced electronica drafts to highly praised global releases. Now they come with their long awaited second long player which is called Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

An Organ, is what we firstly get to hear, riddled with saxophones and woven into foggy guitars.

The opener, suitably entitled Home Recording is a source of warmth and a perfect way to get started with this record. Layed on a sizzling drum roll and driven by the broken voice of member Kai Campos, which achieves a new level on the whole release, this track waves nearly five minutes right into the next heart of the album.

Second tune continues in a relaxed manner and makes you nod on a snare drum, dry as dust.
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You Took Your Time features no one else than KING KRULE, this 19 year old wunderkind named Archie Marshall, formerly known as ZOO KID. Marshall brashly drops some lines, partly with a voice like young TOM WAITS and embeds a real hip hop flow in the middle of all these earthy analogue elements. Before Marshall returns more urgently on the track Meter, Pale, Tone the album backdrops to a more dreamy sound scape on the songs Break Well and Blood and Form until it gets more focussed on the typical clicks and cuts. On the peak of this second long player MOUNT KIMBIE shows a bunch of beat based bangers, like Made To Stay and Lie Niear, all club fitting and incidental danceable.

Noisy loops, carefully selected samples and unique sounds create the very own aesthetic on Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, all with a well known dub music background, the experimental usage of electronica and the inventive mind of those two friends who fortunately decided to make music together. This hearty and open minded company brings back the human aspect to such a constructed and convoluted music and also open it up for listeners of usually non-electronic music styles. All in all this new MOUNT KIMBIE album sounds balanced, and adult, it sounds organic, it breaths and it works very well.

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