Photo by Jonas Lindstroem

Photo by Jonas Lindstroem

Believe it or not but although Irish dreamwave producer Jack Colleran aka MMOTHS seems to be around for years his upcoming release Luneworks (out on March 11 via Because Music/OYAE) will actually be his first full-length studio album. And although we’ve all come to love his dreamy chillpop songs (like the ones on his highly recommendable 2013 EP Diaries) fans can expect a different side of Colleran on the upcoming LP.

For the work on the album the producer headed out to a friend’s tiny spare room in Los Angeles, only armed with his laptop. But the Irish gentleman wasn’t that interested in the local beach life and prefered to stay in the apartment in the form twelve hour night-time writing and recording sessions. The intensity is clearly sensible on Luneworks which might be the MMOTHS version of ‘California Dreaming’, it seems. Before you can get your hands on the sweet new album by the talented lad NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION asked him to complie some of his current and all-time favourites for your delight. The result might be as dreamy and floating as the music of Colleran himself; or in his own words:

This is music for flying. It’s a playlist made up of semi-rhythmless and transcendental tracks I put together on a flight to Paris.

Expect over one hour of sensual and challenging music from such acclaimed artists like BRIAN ENO, APHEX TWIN and GROUPER. It’s the perfect mixtape for your next flight. You can find the full playlist right here and don’t forget to follow NBHAP on Spotify for more hand-picked playlists.