With her uplifting and groovy single Life Goes On Australian singer Mel Bester alias E^ST delivered one of our probably most favourite ‘Top 40-appealing’-pop songs of the past months. The catchy break-up anthem comes with just the right amount of positivity to put a smile upon your face, face the demons of everyday life and all the struggles that come with that.

Because, let’s face it: we all tend to get too serious and bleak these days and forgot to spread much needed optimism and positivity. And although we got our popular melancholic and dark playlists on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s restless Spotify account, please note that there is also plenty of other more uplifting material right there waiting for you. To raise awareness for that fact we simply asked E^ST (which you can pronounce ‘East’, by the way) to contribute her personal mood-lifting favourites to our feel good playlist.

She picked the first 25 songs in our over six hour long playlist, including pop gems by Beck, M.I.A., Shamir and even the good old Sugarbabes. Here’s how she describes her selection:

‘Some songs in here make me want to dance on dining tables, others make me feel less alone, some make me feel like a badass, and others make me want to drive down the coast with the windows down. I hope you can find a song in here that makes you feel good.’

Everybody, please put on a big fat smile, let the haters gonna hate and enjoy this selection until we hopefully hear more exciting new music from E^ST in the course of 2018.