No King No Crown - Tour 2013When two of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s favourite German songwriters are about to hit the road they clearly don’t need a big luggage. Usually themselves, their voices and an acoustic guitar are enough.

Well, and of course melodies that will shake your heart in a way only two very good artists can.

How lucky we are and how lucky you are! NO KING. NO CROWN and PERRY O’PARSON are about to team up for a smooth summer tour next month!

And according to the entertaining poster you can see to your left you can expect something quite special for their upcoming German shows.

O’PARSON‘s Bad Harvest from last autumn is a really powerful record and NO KING. NO CROWN‘s last release Heart To Escpae combines simplicity with beauty.

Well there can be nothing wrong on this tour, we’re sure about that.

Expect the unexpected, find the dates for this trip right here.

10.08.2013 – Düsseldorf // Nachtflohmarkt
11.08.2013 – Köln // RAUM-ganzschönkalk
12.08.2013 – Münster // Kneisterei
13.08.2013 – tba.
14.08.2013 – Braunschweig // Micky & Molly (15h)
14.08.2013 – Magdeburg // Wohnzimmer
15.08.2013 – Berlin // Laika
16.08.2013 – Potsdam // Zweitwohnsitz
17.08.2013 – Dresden// Hole Of Fame
18.08.2013 – Gersdorf // La Libertad Festival (15h)
18.08.2013 – Leipzig // Dachboden