Making Christmas in general albums always seems like a wrong idea. I personally don’t know where that comes from. It might have something to do with WHAM, Michael Bublé, those over-the-top Coca Cola commercials and all the shallow attempts to write a second Jingle Bells.

Five years ago old indie rock buddies Tom Smith (EDITORS) and Andy Burrows (RAZORLIGHT, WE ARE SCIENTISTS) did something against the mediocrity and… well, recorded their own album for the festive season. Funny Looking Angels, unfortunately the only SMITH & BURROWS release so far, is a heart-warming ode to honesty and good old-fashioned non-commercial Christmas. It’s about family, singing songs, getting drunk and feeling nostalgic when the first snowflakes fall. The two songwriters covered a few of their favourite songs they connect with Christmas (f.e. the 80s evergreen Wonderful Life by BLACK) and composed own ones in the tradition of big classics. You know, Fairytale of New York style.

When The Thames Froze is the romantic heart of the record, a song that brings that fairytale to the city of London. MITH & BURROWS wants to tell the whole world that there is still hope in our hearts if we only manage to focus on the things that matter. Five years after its initial release the simple message of this tune hasn’t lost its meaning; quite the contrary, it’s more important than ever these days to spread more love in the world, not just on Christmas.