Sheffield-based wave pop legends THE HUMAN LEAGUE recently released a new best-of album which got the title A Very British Synthesizer Group. And they couldn’t have come up with a better description of what they are still doing, 35 years after the release of their influential album Dare and the infamous hit single Don’t You Want Me. It’s kind of hard to believe but Susan Ann Sulley, Joanne Catherall and Philip Oakey are still performing these days although new albums have become rare. Their last one – Credo – dates back to 2011.

And although THE HUMAN LEAGUE might have never been as cool as the PET SHOP BOYS, as handsome as DURAN DURAN or as progressive as TALK TALK their discograpgy is packed with a lot of great synthie pop tunes. The freshly released new compilation kindly invites you to discover it from start to end and stumble over a few forgotten gems. Human, of course, is not a hidden one; it’s one of the band’s biggest hits, a radio hit from a time when radio hits actually meant something. And just in time for it’s 30th anniversary we’d like to remind you of its greatness above.