Nothing But… Melancholia  - Cover- 2013

– Tracklist –

01. BOMBEE – Moon Guided
02. MÚM – Toothwheels
03. IMAGINARY WAR – Love Overdose
05. WYOMING – Afterword (Cosmono & Klinke Remix)
06. EMIKA – Centuries
07. DARKNESS FALLS – 100 Meter Mind Dash
08. DOLPHIN – Was Not
09. VETO – Consumer Logic
10. SUSANNA – Oh I Am Stuck
11. KAPNORTH – Double View
12. FERAL & STRAY – Taps
13. DEATH OF A CHEERLEADER – As Heavy As The Earth
14. RUE ROYALE – Set Out To Discover



As days are getting shorter and the sun gets a rare friend, autumn is coming. The yearly cycle of nature starts with decay to be prepared for new things. After our sound of summer sampler with all the songs in the sun, we get you in the mood of autumn with 14 free songs for dark evenings. We invite you to embrace melancholia as a mood, which can bring new thoughts, gives time to think and to recharge life batteries. In contrast to depression, melancholia is a vital part of our emotional life. Just as nature, we need phases of healthy sadness and decay to renew, reflect and grow new branches. Listening to thoughtful music and watch the leaves fall in many colors is what we recommend with this sampler.

As with all our compilations, this is completely free to download. And while our previous one, the rough Nothing But… Garage, was dedicated to the wild side of you, this one here is for your very own inner reflection. One that embraces you in your saddest moment, offering some solace and maybe providing a way out. At least, a musical one. ‘Cause in the end, melancholic music can be way more than just ‘dark and sad love songs.’ NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is once again very pleased to have gathered great masters of melancholy such as MÚM, RUE ROYALE or DARKNESS FALLS alongside with more electronic pieces by EMIKA, DOLPHIN, BOMBEE or IMAGINARY WAR. KAPNORTH even give you an exclusive unreleased track from their Iceland session.

As you can see, this sort of music has more forms than just one lonely boy or girl with a guitar. It’s full of different colours, just as life itself. So, breath in, turn up the volume and let yourself fall into these sounds. We stop right here and let the music do the talk. We hope you’re listening to what she has to tell you.

cover artwork by Rafal Karcz Experimental Photography