Nothing But… Nordic Music - Final Artwork

Artwork by UC Photography

Only a couple of years back one could come up with plenty of clichés about Scandinavian music. Well, some people might still do. Yes, it’s all quite moody and melancholic; undeniable gloomy. And if not the other extremes are surely metal and charts pop in the finest tradition of ROXETTE and ABBA. But of course you do know better than this. Quite obviously the current music scene of the Nordic countries has far more to offer than outmoded stereotypes. Other than that you can spot a broad range of genres, artists and musical ideas when you focus your view on Europe’s north. And more and more the rest of the world seems to notice what’s going on in this musical microcosm. England might be the home country of pop music in terms of historical relevance but the Scandinavian countries are currently the place to look first when it comes to exciting new artists and a diversified selection of high quality music from various fields.



01. SEKUOIA – Can’t Be Loved
02. LOWLY – Daydreaming
03. TEAM ME – Blind As Night
04. SAMARIS – Ég vildi fegin verða
05. CASA MURILO – Drive
06. NERVOUS NELLIE – Skeletons
07. INTERTWINE – So What
08. COSKA – Benjamin
09. SIN COS TAN – Traffic
10. NOAH KIN – See Me
11. RÖKKURRÓ – Killing Time
12. ADNA – The Prettiest
13. THE SCENES – Perpetual Sunburst
14. POOMA – Under The Trees


It was about time to dedicate an entire sampler to the sounds of the North. It’s obvious since we reported about countless great bands over the course of the past years. Many reasons that lead to NBHAP presenting the Ja Ja Ja event series in Berlin that focusses on Scandinavia’s finest newcomers (sign up for the latest news on the event right here). Nothing But… Nordic Music does the same as we’re offering you a rich selection of up and coming acts from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

When we say diversified we truly mean it. Within these 14 songs you can get an extended glimpse on the musical landscape of the Nordic countries. From tropical dream pop (CASA MURILO) to gentle and melancholic songwriting (ADNA), from the euphoric anthems of TEAM ME, to the sharp raps of NOAH KIN, from SIN COS TAN‘s sequencer-driven 80s pop to the gentle dark electronica of SEKUOIA. Rich and colourful instead of grey and gloomy.

As always NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION invites you to share this sampler and support the artists. Buy their albums and shirts, see their shows and maybe even visit their home countries. We haven’t even started talking about the breathtaking nature of Scandinavia. So, put on your headphones, turn up the volume, close our eyes and dream away.