In these cold and bleak winter days there’s surely nothing wrong about good music to warm our hearts and souls and yes, that also includes the more melancholic moments in life. For moods like this we got a playlist by the same name as you should know by now and today we’re happy to have an expert on that field compiling music for it. Canadian singer/songwriter Brian DellaValle is the man behind Of The Valley and his music is not only loaded with melancholia but also great poetry, resulting in sparkling little folk gems we already told you about back in October.

Now, we asked DellaValle to spread some of this poetic magic on our Melancholic Moments playlist on Spotify, resulting in lovely picks by artists like Sharon Van Etten, The Tallest Man On Earth, Amy Winehouse, The National and the one and only Nick Cave. Of course, we’re not surprised when DellaValle explained his collection via a short poem when we asked him about it:

‘Where do I begin
This list writes itself
and yet
the task
before me now
is to use two or three sentences
to frame it.
Oh, look. I’m already over the limit
I will proceed, and assume this preamble will be removed:
With this list, a response to the words ‘Melancholic Memories,’
I gather and present to You music from the recent and not-so-recent past. (one)
They gel, at least in my ears, because they are telling a variation on the same story. (two)
A story we have all heard; a story we are all, right now, living. (three)’

So, without further ado please let yourself fall in these wonderful tunes and don’t forget to catch the charming poetry from Of The Valley on his next tour dates which you can find below.

Please note: Of The Valley’s picks have now been merged with NBHAP’s own picks and songs previous playlist curators have suggested. Find them now all together in the following playlist.