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Oh Land - 'Earth Sick' - Cover

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Earth Sick

Release-Date: 10.11.2014
Label: Tusk or Tooth

01. Machine
02. Favour Friends
03. Head Up High
04. Earth Sick
05. Nothing Is Over
06. Doubt My Legs
07. Half Hero
08. Daylight
09. Hot & Bothered
10. Little Things
11. Flags
12. No Particular Order
13. Trailblazer

NBHAP Rating: 3,3/5


Soft pillow filled with electronic beats

The songstress stays true to her style of playful and positive-sounding melodies. This time she takes her listeners to a light-electronic heaven. The drums are not too hard, the synths never too loud. Multiple minimalistic sounds and beats create some sort of softness during the whole album, which just wants you to close your eyes and follow Nanna’s voice.

From OH LAND to Dreamland

Surely there are a few very interesting pieces on Earth Sick: Its first single Head Up High is one of the biggest highlights among them. A powerful anthem about the strength of a modern woman. The dreamy and hypnotic title track represents a more out-of-space, even experimental side of the singer. Still calm and easy to follow, but for some maybe a bit unknown at first.

Electro-pop vs. Orchestra-pop

It is a fact that this girl has a certain preference for classic elements in her music. At least half of Earth Sick consists of a mixture between modern electronic sound and instrumental classic parts like violins and trumpets. There is even an opera singer featured in Favor Friends. Tracks like Little Things, Trailblazer or Nothing Is Over are a bit of a contrast to the more darker and electronic Half Hero or Hot & Bothered.

Drums, bass and choirs – again OH LAND created a light and enjoyable piece of good pop music, without any big risks. Still, ‘Earth Sick’ sounds more adult and does not lose the artist’s typical cheerful flair.