Our-Berlin-Music-WeekWhen Berlin’s expert team for Scandinavian music meets the city’s finest vodka distillery there is greatness in the air… well, and probably a lot of drunk Scandinavians and Germans on the floor. We’re not sure yet about the second part but NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will definitely visit Our/Berlin Music Week from September 4 to 6. Placed in the middle of this year’s Berlin Music Week the lovely lads from Nordic By Nature teamed up with vodka brand Our/Berlin to celebrate three days of great music and … well, great booze as well.

Right next to the Spree these people created their very own showcase event for this year’s music week, presenting us a great selection of Scandinavia’s finest uprising pop acts. From longtime favourite pop singer ASBJØRN to the spheric sounds of AVESROUGH DAYS FOR DIAMOND TRADE unfolds dark wave pop magic while SIMIAN GHOST tease us with their tender and dreany indie-pop. And there is plenty more. Including free coffee and lunch at various times and chats with a lot of lovely people. But most of it it’s about great new music from the finest of tomorrow’s pop. So, basically whenever you find the time to be there next week, please attend. You won’t regret it. Find the full details of the event right here and the timetable below.

Wednesday, 04.09.

14.00 free lunch
15.00 Samaris
16.00 Sea Change
17.00 Tiger Forest Cat
18.00 Meet & Greet with Nomethod
19.00 Simian Ghost
20.00 Noah Kin
21.00 DJ Blondino from the band Caotico (Nomethod)
22.00 Curfew

Thursday, 05.09.

14.00 free lunch
15.00 Bam Spacey
16.00 Asbjørn
17.00 Aves
18.00 Meet & Greet with t.b.a.
19.00 Ice Cream Cathedral
20.00 Bon Homme
21.00 DJ t.b.a.
22.00 Curfew

Friday, 06.09.

14.00 free lunch
15.00 Lisa Alma
16.00 t.b.a.
17.00 Azure Blue
18.00 Meet & Greet with Hybris & LOOKING FORWARD
19.00 Rough Days For Diamond Trade
20.00 Dinner
21.00 Iberia
22.00 DJs: Hybris, Leather Jacket
00.00 Curfew