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NBHAP Rating: 3,3/5


[one_half last=”yes”]PEACHES

Release-Date: 25.09.2015
Label: I U She Music

01. Close Up
02. Rub
03. Dick In The Air
04. Pickles
05. Sick In The Head
06. Free Drink Ticket
07. How You Like My Cut
08. Vaginoplasty
09. Light In Places
10. Dump Fuck
11. I Mean Something



Private Sex Show in a darkroom next door

If there is one thing the singer/producer manages every time with her music it is to be shameless about herself and her audience. Prudery or convention are loanwords in PEACHES‘ world. It is an open invitation to a club full of eccentricity, provocation, self-discovery and sexual freedom. Yeah, plus dicks and vaginas. The best thing about it: it sounds extremely cool and feels private. No shame!

Naughty bass and straight lyrics

Well, with a title like Rub there is no long explanation needed of what the textual content of the album consists. Just read through the titles of the songs and you will get the final clue. Dick in the Air or Vaginoplasty fit perfectly into this category. The opener Close Up invites us immediately into the dark world of bass and electronica elements filled with synths, while the title song represents a classy PEACHES-anthem, sounding like the singer came out straight from jungle’s hell. Her message stays clear: feel free and if you have the opportunity get naked as well.

No dumb fucks

Sex and genitals are having their moments here, but the artist still managed to concentrate on other topics. Dumb Fuck deals with independence, it might be the most pop-orientated song of the entire album (no wonder its beginning reminds of ROBYN’s Dancing On My Own). On Light In Places we can discover a deeper side of PEACHES, finding enlightenment in places full of darkness (do not get twisted here, you will not find a calmer sound, the bass keeps getting bigger). One of the most interesting tracks happens to be I Mean Something, on which the singer confronts her legacy and makes clear she is still part of the game. If you cannot get enough of kinky words, a healthy fuck-off attitude and pure bass, this piece of work is your soundtrack. Otherwise, please just leave the building.

Glam-Queen PEACHES shows again what fun sounds like. Rub is a smart mixture of pure sex, decent vulnerability and positive energy! A record that is light and heavy at once.