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Petter Carlsen - Sirens

[one_half last=”yes”]PETTER CARLSEN

Release-Date: 19.09.2014
Label: Function Records/Cargo

01. You Could Be The One
02. Tiger
03. Sirens
04. From The Outside
05. Wings
06. Never Leave Me
07. You Begin Where Everything Ends
08. Days Like These


NBHAP Rating: 4/5


The Eye of the Beholder
One could start writing about how beautiful PETTER CARLSEN‘s music is, how gently his compositions unfold, how good this guy is in finding the right pace in the right moments. But actually that’s not the point of Sirens. This record is what you make of its various captivating moments. And as thus, it’s indeed personal – not only in terms of the lyrics.

Pop without a strict framework
As mentioned above these songs are more than once taking their time to unfold. It’s a soothing experience to listen to someone who is definitely aiming for a certain mellow guitar-pop-approach but who seems to be unwilling to compromise his art in favor of the mere three-minute-mark. He nearly gets it with Wings but ironically that one’s more of an ambient tune.

Summer’s over
Sirens is a perfect record to comfort yourself to with a cup of tea, hiding inside while the outside is turning cold. It’s just this time of the year and PETTER CARLSEN might have the potential to be a good companion for it. From uplifting FLEET FOXES-anthems (You Begin Where Everything Ends) to exciting pop-beauties like Tiger: brace yourself and keep this record in mind for when it gets cold.

With his first full length-effort, PETTER CARLSEN presents an adorable record right away – dreamy, comforting and deep.