Seven Songs - Pupkulies Rebecca - Diego Beltramo

Photo by Diego Beltramo

When a lot of people hear the genre definition “world music” they automatically start to role with their eyes, expecting weird sitar playing and a lot of bongos. And still a lot of people might have a problem in combining our Western understanding of music with something new and not-so-obvious. It should be more about “music” and less about “world”. The formation PUPKULIES & REBECCA is such a formation. They are constantly searching for new influences and ideas of how to combine different musical worlds. The result is a hpynotic mixture of cool electronic beats, gentle folk moments and a certain exotic appeal. Their latest album Tibau is the musical proof of it and it’s out these days. If you want specific inspirations from PUPKULIES & REBECCA you’ll find it right here in this selection.

“We listen a lot to acoustic songwriting. Sometimes you discover an artist changing your way of feeling music and for us this mostly happens with acoustic songwriting. Those 7 artists had a great impact on our perception of music. They became essential for us.”
01. LHASE DE SELA – Con Toda Palabra

In a way the most powerful voice I know. It is very sad that this great artist died some years ago by cancer. Rebecca and me saw her ones on stage – she was like an elf and we were totally impressed. We listened so often to her three albums she recorded.

02. FEIST – Secret Heart

She is wonderful, what more to say… watch and listen to this outstanding live performance of Secret Heart, wow!

03.EDITH PIAF – Non, je ne regrette rien

EDITH PIAF stands for the pure french chanson more than any other artist ever did. We love her and this kind of music inspired us.

04. CESARIA EVORA – Angola

She is the voice of the Cape Verden Islands, the country we recorded our last album. We love the warm melancholy she is transporting which is typical for this country.

05. NICK DRAKE – Things behind the sun

NICK DRAKE is the most important songwriter for us. His last album Pink Moon that he recorded some days before he killed himself is an absolute masterpiece.

06. MARK HOLLIS – Watershed

The frontman of the legendary 80’s band TALK TALK recorded only one solo album. I can understand him, cause it is impossible to reach this level a second time.

07. CASANDRA WILSON – Love Is Blindness

The first time I have heard a song of her I thought she is a man. Her voice is really special but absolutely fascinating.