The Rolling Stones - Photo by Koen Keppens

Photo by Koen Keppens

It all started on a rainy day in Werchter, Belgium. Bands like ADMIRAL FREEBEE, ARNO, SEASICK STEVE and TRIGGERFINGER tried to cheer up 60 000 people, but they never really set the mood. Only the Glasgow boys SIMPLE MINDS succeeded in warming up the plastic garbage bags-covered audience a bit. Though they sang Don’t you, forget about me at the end of the night everyone forgot who else had been on that stage. We were all waiting for what would be coming later that night. 50 years of sublime rock ’n roll. Let us take you through 19 songs that brought goose bumps to 65.000 people.

Suddenly the lights went out, beats and red lights built up the tension and excitement. ‘Ladies and gentlemen of Werchter, please will you welcome.. THE ROLLING STONES. Hell yes, we will.

THE ROLLING STONES started with an energetic Jumpin’ Jack Flash and set the tone for the rest of the night. ‘Clap your hands for You got me rocking.’ It seems like these boys never get tired.

Third song of the night was It’s only rock ’n roll (but I like it). That song could not be more appropriate that night. Though many seniors have made the effort to sit in the rain for hours, also the younger generation does like rock ’n roll. And it seems like they all bought the extremely expensive merchandising t-shirts.

Mick Jagger has learned quite some Dutch for the night and knew perfectly how to entertain the audience. Half a century in the show business aren’t the worst reputation. Next in line was Tumbling Dice.

No Angie on that day but a touching Wild Horses. For the first time that night, Mick Jagger does not move that much. Intensely he brings this ballad and sweeps the crowd of its feet.

For Doom and Gloom, Jagger took the guitar by himself. Normally at this time during the show, THE STONES bring a song that is voted by the audience via social media. But not tonight. Like expected THE ROLLING STONES sang It’s all over now. A tribute to BOBBY WOMACK, who had passed away the night before and who has written this song that has become a world wide hit because of THE STONES.

The Rolling Stones - TW Classic - Photo by Koen Keppens

Photo by Koen Keppens

Out of Control. Musically, vocally and performance wise THE STONES probably will never lose control but they are still bursting with energy.

Then came Honky Tonk Women and the audience went crazy. Big hits, big emotions.

Mick Jagger could let his voice rest a bit as Keith Richards took over the lead vocals and brought an acoustic You got the Silver and Can’t be seen with you. ‘Merci and all that’, Keith and Mick are quite bit different but equally charming, for sure.

Mick Jagger rejoins the band and they played Midnight Rambler and Miss you. Every single one was ‘ooh’ing’ along. Jagger as a conductor. He was the best one for the job, one could ask for. For Gimme Shelter Lisa Fischer joined the front stage. ‘Go get them Lisa’, Mick Jagger shouted. Women power. She even tried to seduce Keith Richards. He smiled. We all smiled.

Start me up and I’ll never stop. For 50 years THE ROLLING STONES have shown us that they live by that rule. And they sill do. Don’t ask how.

Sympathy for the Devil lit the stage on fire. Smoking red flames cover the band Before saying goodbye to the audience THE ROLLING STONES seduces the audience with one of their biggest hits Brown Sugar. We all knew this couldn’t be a goodbye.

And it wasn’t. THE STONES came back on stage, this time with the Dekoor Close-Harmony-choir and bring a melodic You can’t always get what you want. Too sweet

Finishing with the sensational evergreen Satisfaction the night is complete and the audience was more or less, sorry for the cliché, satisfied.

After 50 years on stage THE ROLLING STONES still manage to get the job done and bring a rock ‘n roll show we are all longing for. Mick Jagger sounds the same as he did in the 60s, moves like only he can and the band is clearly having fun on stage. Ronnie is flirting with the backing vocals and smoking away. Keith still enjoys the company and smiles while he is jamming with drummer Charlie. ‘Let’s rock it off boys’, Jagger shouts. And that’s exactly what they did. Maybe they played it a little bit safe by bringing all of their hits and clearly this tour is a routine job, but nobody cared that night.The 14 on Fire Tour will go on in Stockholm and then in Roskilde, Denmark. Whoever is planning on going there: be prepared for four energetic, sublime musicians, who after all these years, are still not tired and enjoy every minute of bringing their music and entertaining you. They are after all, legends. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.