Family Of The Year - SYou can’t deny the current folk hype in the music industry. Well, you actually don’t need to since the honest organic sounds of that wave are clearly not the worst hype material. But, of course, it’s not as simple as thought since nobody just puts on a guitar (or better said: a banjo) to become the world’s next MUMFORD AND SONS. First of it you need to have some solid songs and at least a minimum of originality. American newcomers FAMILY OF THE YEAR seems to have everything of this in a fair amount – and even more. Their new album Loma Vista is far more than another lovely pop-folk album. Influenced by British wave rock, California surf pop and pretty mich everything these guys create their very own. And even better – they got his like St. Croix or Hero which might be some of 2013’s trongest tunes. And when we take a look on their influences it becomes clear why FAMILY OF THE YEAR work so great on many musical levels.

Read the group’s very own thoughts on some of their favourites as they present you seven of their most loved tunes.

1. PHOENIX – “Rome”

Christina first introduced me to PHOENIX back when “Wolfgang” just came out.  I was going through an end to a long relationship at the time and this was the album I listened to the most to kinda push me along through that time. Rome was the song that was the song I could turn to for a different interpretation each time I was feeling a different emotion, it helped, what can I say?  I was able to see their set recently at Lolapoloza just a few weeks ago and although that time period is long past for me, seeing them live made me feel like a little kid and a fan again.  So once again, different time and different interpretation continues.

2. BEACH HOUSE – “Other People”

I’ve been a BEACH HOUSE fan since their first record, but the rest of the band caught on to them on their own accord.  So I never introduced them to BEACH HOUSE but they introduced me to this album (thank you guys!).  We all love the cool sultry swing of their music and the unassuming complexity of it.  We’ve all been traveling for a very long time and haven’t been home or been able to stay in touch with friends as well as we would’ve liked, at least me.  So this song hits a haunting chord in all of us I assume.  But also just a simply heartbreaking beautiful song.

3. RICHARD AND LINDA TOMPSON – “I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight”

This one would basically sum up the feeling we all feel for a Friday night out on the town after a long week at work.  An old song for sure, but it’s one of those cases of what’s old is new again.  Which is one of the great constants of music, it never ends and the excitement of finding something new!  We cover this from time to time and Joe and Christina do it justice in my opinion!

4. RIDE – “Vapour Trail”

A friend I used to skate with when I was a kid first introduced me to RIDE a long time ago.  This became my interpretation of me and my first love’s love song.  The excitement of finding that first someone and how love eventually ‘fades away’, and it happens again and again.  If only it always ended in a beautiful fade between jangly phased guitars to a simple cello line…  One of the most simple and gorgeous song ending’s ever.

5. THE FLAMING LIPS – “Talkin’ Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants To Live Forever)”

My introduction to THE FLAMING LIPS.  Unknown to me at the time, this was where they were in between their ‘punk’ days and the psychedelic ‘pop’ they would become famous for.  But lyrically the first time Wayne’s lyrics for me had one of those ‘universal truths’ that I love about them. Along with that and the way their ‘noise pop’ sound was interesting on the ears without making you cringe fascinated me and I feel in love with the lip’s way of making very dense recordings which you could almost always hear something new each time.  bonus in this video is a young Jonathan Donahue (MERCURY REV) on guitar over there…

6. KANYE WEST “Paranoid”

KANYE at one of his best.  In the middle of his soul beats and getting crazy, so kinda like the 80’s in between the 70’s and 90’s, and this is his 80’s record for sure. But at the time this came out I remember hearing a review of the album on NPR and they were talking about how he had just gone through a break up and what not and he made this album with all the vocoder blah blah blah.  But I just thought it was incredible brave to change up your musical vibe in such a right turn kinda way (at least to me).  Not saying that FAMILY OF THE YEAR is going to come out with a funk/metal album anytime soon, but still making music is a journey and it’s inspiring to see artist take the path that needs a machete and boots, instead of the one that takes penny loafers.

7. TEARS FOR FEARS-  “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

In high school I woke up to this song almost every morning.  Don’t worry, I didn’t graduate high school in ’85.  A very cool song with a nice arrangement.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t and who hasn’t thought of it?  I would’ve loved to see these guys live in their heyday holding a lighter up or something 80’s-ish.  Musically not sure how much TEARS FOR FEARS influenced me, but lyrically, thinking about writing for the masses, another one of those universal things that you just can’t help to get attached to.  I bet KANYE has this on some play list somewhere…