Sivert Hoyem - Seven Songs

Without any doubt, SIVERT HØYEM has one of the most distinctive and charismatic voices in the music business. One of these voices that instantly crawl beneath your skin. It has been this way ever since legendary alternative rockers MADRUGADA showed up in the late 90s. And even after the band’s end, HØYEM remained a solid force in the Scandinavian music scene. His fifth album Endless Love has already been released in his home country, now it will see a global release by the end of May.

Just the right time to have a closer look on the music that inspired this unique artist. For NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION SIVERT HØYEM opens up about his true all-time favourites. The songs that shaped him as an artist and probably also as a human being. And we wouldn’t be surprised if some of these songs aren’t played in the musician’s tour bus as he is about to go on a concert series soon. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents the following dates of it.

25.05.2014 – DE – Hamburg, Knust
26.05.2014 – DE – Frankfurt, Das Bett
27.05.2014 – DE – Berlin, Heimathafen

But now enjoy a journey into the musical heart and soul of SIVERT HØYEM as he talks about some of his seven favourite songs on the following pages.