SIVU - I Lost Myself

SIVUI Lost Myself EP

1. I Lost Myself
2. Communicate
3. Cold Hands
4. I Lost Myself (Original Demo)

I discovered this accomplished artist through ALT-J drummer and DJ Thom Sonny Green’s exceptional remix of SIVU‘s Better Man Than He.
Remix-tapes have been second ventures for this brilliant band, check out Thom’s latest mix of PORTUGAL. THE MAN‘s Modern Jesus, an absorbing spaced out beat-mangler.

ALT-J producer Charlie Andrew marked his golden touch once more by producing SIVU‘s debut EP, through London based label Third Rock Recordings, home to other excellent bands such as MT. WOLF, ACTIVE CHILD and CAVE PAINTING.

I must admit what captured my ears even further towards the Cambridge songwriter, was another remix by Brighton producer and DJ, Eagles For Hands stunning Remix Better Man Than He, who has just released his own follow up EP L‘. All of these remixes for one artist was enough to pull in 19,691 plays through Soundcloud from his first EP.

SIVU (“Page” in Finnish) aka James Page now based in London, draws his musical influences from VILLAGERS to Frank Sinatra. His four EP’s evoke memorable folk tunes and electronic ambient beats, with chord progressions and lyrics influenced by WILD BEASTS.
I’m glad to say I can’t compare this gents unique voice, it caries a sincerity that rings a truth, to every heartfelt statement in his lyrics; the type you can’t pin down but you can sure relate. His latest cut I Lost Myself has taken a turn towards heavy instrumentation, layered Spanish guitar chords accompanied by echoing choruses, an up beat dance extension from the beautiful Bodies track.

I can’t help but make some comparisons with Florence Welch Bedroom Hymns drum processions or maybe it’s just the dramatics encompassing the track. In any case, SIVU has found his comfort zone, a fine line between folk and electronic orchestrations, this excellent cut is proof that he has evolved into greater compositional realms. Despite all of the collaborations with top producers and RADIOHEAD‘s management backing him up, the success carried in each single is solely his own making. After touring with THE STAVES and Benjamin Francis Leftwich earlier this 2013. He will be joining other bands on the cusps of their success, LONDON GRAMMAR and SORINAWAY will be touring with him through out Europe and the UK this October.