How do you remain optimistic in a time like this? Especially in the current week with the US elections, terrorism in Vienna and the ongoing pandemic crisis? Well, there is always tomorrow and the promise that’ll be different and bring new options to the table. It’s a simple form of hope, for sure, but one that might you to cope with lots of negative stuff you’re encountering on a daily basis. Needless to say, this lovely little guestmix by Canadian two-piece Southern Shores arrives just at the right time – today, not tomorrow!

The music of Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton has always been a great source of optimism; over the past ten years their dreamy electronica sounds gave us a fascinating mixture of tropical daydreaming, gentle grooves, sonic soundscapes and exciting samples. The duo’s freshly released new studio album Siena is a prime example here, a passionate project that is driven by the band’s love for pop, music and this warm positive feeling some cynical people might call naive. And since we could all need a mood lifter these days, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is more than happy to bring you an exclusive guestmix by Townsend and Dalton today.

Fittingly titlted Thinking Of Tomorrow it features an eclectic exploration through a collection of songs, sounds, and artists that are currently inspiring Southern Shores as well as the Siena album. It’s a dance mix but one that got way more to offer than just pumping four-to-the-floor beats. The duo further describes the mix with the following words:

“A free form journey that allowed some room for unreleased Shores material to fit in. Closing with the beautiful bittersweet ‘Adios Ayer’ from Ibiza and balearic legend, Jose Padilla, who sadly passed away this year. Our sound and musical expression will be forever indebted to Jose’s work.”

So, before you are out discovering the work of Mr. Padilla please make sure to check out the tropical bliss of the following selection. Please continue to stay positive even if the odds might seem to be against you. Keep working for a better tomorrow for you and the people around you. It will be worth it.

Siena by Southern Shores is out now via Cascine.