SPOT Festival Logo 2014

Every year in early May Aarhus, Denmark is attracting thousands of people for SPOT Festival. This year’s edition features 166 live shows, 38 movies (and 30 conferences for music professionals). Shortly NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION already gave an overview about all acts that will play SPOT 2014. Now it’s time to talk about the most promising acts. A selection that was a hard one due to different reasons. First, there are simply no bad bands. Second, music tastes are different. Third, some acts are well-known, others are completely new. Not an easy to make a decision, but we put together a diverse mix of highly interesting acts from different genres. Expect music to dance and music to dream, music to cry and music to smile. It’s about covering different emotions, because every emotion needs its own sound.

SPOT is about finding out about new promising artists, but at the same time its line up also features some more established artists. Established artists attract the crowd that unknown artists need. Or would you go to a festival when you never heard about any band? The chance would be pretty small, right? SPOT has the right mix of both and it is important to not only talk about well-known bands, simply because it has the huge potential to discover ‘the next big thing’. At the same time it would be wrong to not talk about the bigger acts, simply because they are an important part of the game.

One of the most special concerts at this year’s SPOT will be the one by NORDLYD with Norwegian ANE BRUN, Danish MIKAEL SIMPSON and Swedish ALICE BOMAN. The three will present themselves and their songs with new colors and nuances. Mette Dahl Kristensen, part of the band WHO KILLED BAMBI, picked tracks from the three soloists and rearranged them for a 37-people string ensemble. All inspired by SCHOSTAKOVITCH, DEBUSSY, BJÖRK and ROBYN

Enjoy NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s recommendations and be prepared for the festival review next week. We’ll let you know which artists and bands had the buzz on their side.

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