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Blind As Night

Release-Date: 01.09.2014 (Norway) /
TBA (Rest of the World)
Label: Propeller Recordings

01. Riding My Bicycle (from Feddersensgate 5A to Mõllervegen 31)
02. Kick & Curse
03. Man-Eating Machine
04. F is for Faker
05. Le Sound
06. Did We Lose Something Here
07. Are You Still in Love
08. Steven
09. The All Time High
10. Blind As Night

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


Familiar environment

The Norwegian power-pop ensemble clearly loves cycling. Their joyful 2011 debut To The Treetops! started with a bicycle cruise from Ragnsvaldsbekken to Sørkedalen, this time they even added a specific address to their ride (Feddersensgate 5A to Mõllervegen 31). Still, the journey remains the same. A credo that also goes for Blind As NightTEAM ME basically did their debut all over again which clearly isn’t the worst idea.

Endorphin overdose

Everything is bigger in the musical microcosm of TEAM ME. Emotions, gestures and instrumentation. There’s more – and sometimes even too much – of everything. Tracks like the catchy Kick & Curse or the heavy F Is For Faker almost burst with epic ideas. Compared to the debut Blind As Night even goes the extra mile. The guitars are heavier, the choirs louder and the strings way more prominent. Are You Still In Love is a perfect example.

Not coming down

There are a few tender moments on the new TEAM ME record. Le Sound is a string-drenched ballad and Steven a lovely little interlude. But most of the time the band keeps the endorphin level quite high. Right until the closing title-track rolls over us like an old steam train. If you love big anthems, a sort-of exhilarated version of bands like ARCADE FIRE or MEW you will love these guys. The album is currently only available in their home country but it’s just waiting to conquer the planet.

TEAM ME’s second LP ‘Blind As Night’ continues the band’s love for big emotions and gestures as it delivers an enjoyable piece of ‘over-the-top’-indie-pop.