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Morning World

NBHAP Rating: 4,1/5


[one_half last=”yes”]TEEN DAZE
Morning World

Release-Date: 14.08.2015
Label: Paper Bag Records

01. Valley of Gardens
02. Pink
03. Morning World
04. It Starts at the Water
05. Post Storm
06. Life In The Sea
07. You Said
08. Garden Grove
09. Along
10. Infinity
11. Good Night




Out of the bedroom

TEEN DAZE is Jamison, a canadian boy who spent years in his bedroom recording albums and EPs. His sonic world is hidden by a blanket of chillwave with vocal samples, liquid synths and compelling beats that slowly but steady caught the attention of journalists and fans. His debut EP, Four More Years, and the album All of Us, Together bear witness of Jamison’s talent. When you find the equilibrium you have two possibilities: you can keep on walking your way or you can challenge yourself. TEEN DAZE made his choice: Morning World is quite a radical change compared to his earlier works.

Songs, not sketches

Morning World might be the finest record of TEEN DAZE so far; he expanded the songwriting of Glacier and you notice that because this record is actually built on songs, rather than certain sounds and sketches. Beautiful pieces, nice chord progressions and fair musical landscapes: Jamison plays with emotions and the result is the delicate Valley Of Gardens with a guitar riff that coddles the heart and a beautiful rhythm. APPARAT would appreciate it. Pink sounds like a song emerged by the 70’s, the reverse-riff seems to lead us to Revolver by Lennon & Co. Jamison highlights all his genius in eleven songs that flow easily but stay in your mind. Morning World is the point of impact of TYCHO sounds (the title-track), THE BEATLES mood (You Said) and -00’s indie gloomy atmosphere (Infinity).

How to win a challenge

TEEN DAZE‘s growth is an impressive one: Jamison gave himself a challenge and he gave birth to a little hidden masterpiece. The sound of Morning World is a wonderful demonstration that music can be timeless. The perfect fusion of retro sounds (drums above all) and synths or samples, the incredible mix of acoustic instruments (double bass in Good Night) and electronic devices make this record a milestone in Jamison career. Morning World‘s ace in the hole is its variety with sweet-pop atmospheres (Post Storm, Life in the Sea that reminds some TURIN BRAKES songs or Garden Grove) and soft-rock moments (It Starts the Water with a kind of dream-pop taste that has echoes of PHOENIX and THE DRUMS).

Morning World is a record between dream/pop, electronica and singer/songwriter – it is a radical change compared to early works of Jamison and all influences are elegantly filtered by the talent of TEEN DAZE