Over the past decade British Columbian artist Jamison Isaak provided quite a musical output with his alter ego Teen Daze. Ain’t no year passing by without new music from the composer, including such marvellous records like 2017’s Themes For Dying Earth and its companion piece Themes For A New Earth. In 2020 he released not less than four EP’s of his Reality Refresh series which helped him coping with the reality of the current lockdown life. And now is freshly released ambient EP Breathing Tides is another testatment of his musical strength. Needless to say, Isaak is a restless figure in the international electronic music scene and his warm and hypnotic dreamy electronica that sometimes also experiments with traditional folk music is always a great source of relaxing tenderness. Especially in this chaotic and uncertain times the meditative and bright energy of the Teen Daze sound feels like a much needed dose of calm and reflection to make sense of all this craziness. Obviously, letting the musician take care of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s Daydreaming Delight playlist on Spotify was an overdue pairing.

Isaak is not only a profound musician that understood the idea of audiovisual storytelling with his music and imagery, he’s also a dedicated music lover; one that digs for the more unknown sounds rather than the obvious choises. His selection for our Daydreaming Delight playlist includes warm electronica, tender ambient, soulful lo-fi beats and Japanese pop treasures you might have never heard of. It’s a great soundtrack to meditate, ease your mind and comfort you as the winter slowly morphs into spring and we’re still facing this exhausting global pandemic. Here’s how the artist describes his picks:

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s uncharacteristically chilly (bear in mind, that means it’s hovering around 0 celcius). While some people thrive in this kind of climate, it makes me dream of warm weather even more. So I thought I’d compile a playlist of music that feels like a warm, responsibility-free day. Whether you’re spending the day at the beach, on a drive at dusk, taking in the sunset, or sharing a quiet evening on the patio with a loved one, this playlist should have something for you.

Once again, Teen Daze delivers and we couldn’t be more happy about it. Please note: Mr. Isaak’s selection was only available for a limited amount of time and has now merged with our own picks. May the music help you to feel better in troubled times.